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5 Vegetarian Delicacies From Konkani Food

Patholi: The word patholi in Konkani means steamed pudding or dumplings and this delicacy is a kind of thin-rice pancake that is stuffed with

India represent a plethora of regional cuisines styles that comprises of various delights to relish upon. Be it a hot curry from Chettinad cooking of Tamil Nadu or straightforward sarson ka saag from Punjab, one can track down all assortments in the Indian food platter. Not just this, each cooking of the nation likewise has a lot of choices for various sorts taste bud. Especially discussing Konkani food that is exceptionally impacted by the food of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, it is known for its overwhelming fish recipes.

Mostly comprising of coconut and local flavors, rachaedo mackerel fry, prawn balchao and shark ambotic are some famous fish dishes of the cooking. Konkan is a paradise for all fish sweethearts. Discussing the vegan rarities, sol kadhi is the most famous recipe of Konkan belt. Made with kokum and coconut milk, it is a gently flavored drink that is savored toward the finish of a dinner. Yet, have you attempted these flavorful Indian dishes?

The following are five veggie lover dishes from Konkan belt that can win your love.


The word patholi in Konkani implies steamed pudding or dumplings and this delicacy is a sort of dainty rice flapjack that is loaded down with dried up coconut and steamed in turmeric leaves. Uniquely ready during rainstorm celebrations, this Konkani dish is beaten liberally with ghee that gives it an overwhelming smell and flavor.

Adsara Polo

It is a traditional pancake, that is made with rice and coconut as principal fixings. This Konkani amuse is extremely simple to get ready and is for the most part reveled as breakfast in the district. Simply set up a player of doused rice flour and coconut alongside salt and gentle flavors and cook it like dosa on a tawa. It is typically presented with coconut chutney.

Taro Curry

This root vegetable made in Konkan-style alongside nearby flavors is a treat that can’t be missed. It simply requires 30 minutes to great get ready however tastes. Made with the kind of curry leaves, mustard seeds and new coconut, this curry is ideal for lunch as well as supper.


These ae light and appetizing steamed rice dumplings that are generally aged with drink. Being like idli, the player of Konkani treat contains rice, coconut, salt, sugar and drink. Generally matched with some vindaloo, it tends to be relished as snacks too.


This Konkani style dal is a staple among the local community area. Made with the kind of green chillies and asafoetida, it scarcely requires thirty minutes to get ready. This basic yet tasty dal is best matched with steamed rice alongside some hot curry.

These vegan charms genuinely merit a spot in our feast as they satisfy our sense of taste as well as simple to cook in our kitchen.

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