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Amazing Facts About the Alphonso Mango Alphonso is the ‘king of Mangoes’

Alphonso Mango has become known as the "King of Mangoes." Fibreless, extremely scented, and delicious-all qualities you wouldn't have imagined a fruit could be.

The mango, the king of fruits and a true national obsession has finally arrived with the summer season. The kind Alphonso, with its bright yellow skin, hints of red, and radiant and juicy meat, is nothing less than a great thrill. Mango lovers, you get what I mean!

Alphonso mangoes are on several websites’ lists of “1000 things to eat before you die,” so if you haven’t tried one yet, you’re definitely missing out and should.

In the event that you’re as yet not convinced, the following are six captivating realities about Alphonso mango that you presumably haven’t heard previously and are ensured to snare you. How about we kick this party off?

1. The name Alphonso was inspired by a Portuguese general.

Unbelievably, the name Alphonso originated from “Afonso de Albuquerque,” a Portuguese leader and military adept who helped create a Portuguese colony in India. Most likely, you’re wondering how it relates to the fruit.

very much! The Portuguese invented mango tree grafting, which led to the development of remarkable and amazing varieties like the Alphonso. becoming a crucial contributor to the mangoes we enjoy today as a result. Mango lovers, it seems we have a lot to be grateful for from them.

2. The King of Kings: Unique in color, flavor, and texture

The Alphonso mango would win over all other mango types if it had to compete with another form of fruit for control of a royal region.

Did you know that George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, informed then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that the Alphonso Mango was “a hell of a fruit” and that he had never tasted a fruit as wonderful as it on his first visit to India in 2006?

What differentiates them is this: The outer layer (skin) of fully ripe Alphonso mangoes turns a lovely golden yellow with hints of orange on top and is just the right amount of firmness for a perfect bite of the slice.

As well as being rich and sweet in flavor, the orange tissue of the organic product has a flavor, not at all like anything you’ve at any point tasted. It possesses a flavor like a mix of apricot, nectarine, peach, and melon, with hints of honey and citrus. Isn’t it staggering?

3. A Surprising Trade Agreement.

Did you know that the United States and India formed a trade pact in 2007 that calls for the exchange of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for the sale of mangoes? Even though the plan didn’t pan out, it does show how important Alphonso’s mangoes are around the world.

4. It is the priciest variety of mango.

The most expensive mango grown in the nation is Alphonso’s, popularly known as Hapoos in India. Visit our site to learn why this is the case and learn why Alphonso mango is so pricey.

5. Britain’s Continuous Dependency on Alphonso Mangoes

For the Queen’s coronation in 1953, the first Alphonso mangoes were shipped from Mumbai’s renowned Crawford Market to London.
Since that time, Britain has continued to adore Alphonso mangoes.

6. Dietary Information about Alphonso Mango

The Alphonso mango has a lot of iron. Selenium, vitamin E, vitamin Ah, and a high antioxidant concentration are some additional nutritious components.


In summary, it is clear that Alphonso mangoes have a unique richness, flavor, and perfume that can be tasted from a distance. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading the information about Alphonso mangoes.

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