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Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Dragon fruit provides vitamin C and riboflavin, along with about 17% of your daily recommended intake of magnesium—a mineral that is responsible

Dragon fruit—also called pitaya, pitahaya, or strawberry pear—is a member of the Cactaceae family (cactus species). The bright pink, bulb-shaped fruit is known for its sweet, fresh taste and unique, ornamental appearance (its spiky scales give it its name). The meat of the dragon fruit may be either pink or white.

It is filled fundamentally in tropical and subtropical region of the world. While the natural product is well known all through Asia and Focal America, it is less usually consumed in the US. In any case, mythical serpent organic product can be a solid and scrumptious expansion to your eating regimen, as it contains nutrients, fiber, and, surprisingly, iron and sound fats (strange for a natural product).

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts

The accompanying sustenance data is given by the USDA to one 6-ounce (170g) serving of cubed mythical serpent natural product.

Calories: 102
Fat: 0g
Sodium: 0mg
Carbohydrates: 22g
Fiber: 5g
Sugars: 13g
Protein: 2g
Magnesium: 68mg
Riboflavin: 0.17mg
Iron: 1.26mg
Vitamin C: 4.25mg


Dragon fruit is a naturally low-calorie food, with most of the calories coming from carbohydrate. There are two sorts of starch in winged serpent organic product: normally happening sugars (13g per 6-ounce serving) and fiber. You’ll get 5 grams of fiber — or around 18% of your suggested everyday admission — in a 6-ounce serving.

The specific glycemic list (GI) of winged serpent natural product has not been recorded, albeit one review gauges the glycemic file to be like that of a banana — or around 48 to 52.

As a kind of perspective, food sources with a GI of at least 55 are viewed as high glycemic food sources.


There is a tiny measure of fat in mythical beast organic product. The consumable seeds contain omega-3 unsaturated fats, omega 6-unsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fat which are solid unsaturated fats.


Dragon fruit provides a small amount of protein, about 2 grams per serving.

Nutrients and Minerals
Mythical serpent natural product gives L-ascorbic acid and riboflavin, alongside around 17% of your everyday suggested admission of magnesium — a mineral that is answerable for helping with many biochemical responses in the body. Mythical serpent natural product additionally contains iron, niacin, and calcium.

Health Benefits

In the same way as other leafy foods, winged serpent organic product contains fiber, nutrients, minerals, and cancer prevention agents that have helpful characteristics.

Helps Fabricate and Recuperate Cells
L-ascorbic acid (L-ascorbic corrosive) is fundamental for good bone design, ligament, muscle, and veins. It advances wound mending, and it might likewise assist with forestalling infection.

L-ascorbic acid should be consumed in the eating regimen on the grounds that our bodies can’t make it normally. L-ascorbic acid additionally helps with the ingestion of iron, and mythical serpent natural product is one of the interesting natural products that contains some iron (around 1mg per 6-ounce serving, or 7% of the day to day esteem).

Reduces Inflammation

Mythical serpent organic product is wealthy in flavonoids, one of the many kinds of cell reinforcements that can assist with fixing cell harm brought about by oxidative pressure and diminish aggravation. Thusly, this can assist the body with warding off a few persistent sicknesses.

Improves Digestive Health

Fiber assists with supporting satiety, further develops processing and routineness, and may assist with bringing down blood cholesterol. Current FDA rules suggest 28 grams of fiber each day. Fiber likewise gives numerous other medical advantages, including diminished hazard of certain sorts of malignant growth, weight, cardiovascular illness, and diabetes.

Helps Manage Blood Sugar

In an assortment of four examinations, mythical serpent natural product seems to further develop glucose in individuals with pre-diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, mythical beast organic product didn’t seem to give huge results, however there was a pattern in further developing blood glucose with higher portions of winged serpent organic product. More examinations are justified to finish up mythical beast organic products impact on blood glucose.

Adverse Effects

There has been only been limited research into whether or not dragon fruit interacts with medications.

Concentrate on creators suggest that patients talk with their medical care supplier to get the most customized data in regards to their drugs and potential associations.

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