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Health Benefits of the Java Plum

Jamun or the black plum improves the number of haemoglobin and the iron present in the fruit acts as a blood purifying agent. This helps in

The Java plum, commonly known as the Jamun or Malabar plum, is a deep blue or purple-colored fruit native to India and the tropics. It is a fruit of the Syzygium cumini species, which fruits in the summertime.

The Java plum has quite a number of health advantages. Despite being one of the best home remedies for stomach pain and digestive issues, it also contains some other major health benefits.









Calcium 1%

Phosphorus 2%

Sodium 1%

Iron 1%

Magnesium 4%

Potassium 2%

Vitamin C 16%

Vitamin B6 3%

Riboflavin 1%

Niacin 2%

Good for heart health: The potassium content in the fruit helps to ward off heart related diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure and prevents the arteries from hardening.
Promotes good digestion: Jamun is known for its antacid properties that stops the extra acid formation in your stomach. Hence, it helps to treat indigestion issues such as gastritis, ulcer problems, and also helps in the absorption of nutrients.

Helps with weight loss: This is a low-calorie fruit with high fibre content making it ideal for weight management. It improves the digestive function and helps reduce water retention in the body.

Health Benefits

Jamun is beneficial to keep your heart healthy and keep heart issues away. The dietary fibers and antioxidants in Jamun are ideal for regulating cholesterol levels and obstructing plaque formation. The fruit contains potassium that helps in preventing diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

Fighting respiratory problems.
Helping to manage weight.
Boost immunity.
Low-calorie count.
Protects against anemia.
Keeps the skin healthy.
Improves gut health.
Prevents nausea and vomiting.

Maintains Proper Heart Health

The Java plum contains a high level of potassium content. If you want a healthy heart, try eating a little Java plum on a regular basis. Their potassium helps keep your heart beating right. In addition to helping maintain heart health, potassium is also helpful in preventing the occurrence of stroke and high blood pressure.

Prevents Colon Cancer

The fruit is rich in antioxidants, which work against free radical cells that often trigger the growth of cancerous cells. Some extracts from the Java plum such as cyanidin are known to be important for colon cancer prevention.

Relieves Headaches

The content of astringent substances found in Java plum relieves headaches with varying degrees of severity. Fresh Java plum also provides a freshening effect so that headache sufferers feel more comfortable. Coughs can be severe and damage the throat and respiratory system.

Diabetes Treatment

Java plums can act as good remedies for symptoms of diabetes such as excess urination and thirst. They have a low glycemic content, which helps maintain blood sugar levels. Various recipes utilize the seeds, bark, and leaves of the tree.

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