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Introduction To Plant Based Diet And Its Benefits

This article is about significance of plant based diets in our daily routine. This diet is all about finding the right mix of plant-based foods in your meals.


Upon first reading the title of this article, one might immediately recognize the term “plant based diet” as something familiar. It is also known as vegan diet which have been practiced by various cultures and religions for thousands of years. Essentially, a plant based diet revolves around consuming plant-derived foods. In this article we will explore why a plant based meal is important, the different types of plant based diets, and how it can benefit our health.

Meaning of Plant Based Diet

A plant-based diet is when you eat mostly or only foods that come from plants, like vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Some people think of it as a vegan diet, where you avoid all animal products. Others think of it as mainly eating plant foods, but sometimes having meat, fish, or dairy. The focus is on healthy foods, not processed ones.

Type of Plant Based Diet

1. Vegan Diet

A vegan diet is a type of plant-based diet that excludes all types of foods that contain animal products and animal byproducts including meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. People choose to follow a vegan diet for many reasons including health benefits, animal welfare concerns, and environmental issues. Examples of vegan diet are fruits, vegetables, grains, nut and seed. Food which are not allowed in this diet is meat, diary, egg, fats and other.

2.Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet is a type of plant-based diet that is not as strict as a vegan diet. All vegetarian diets exclude meat, fish, and seafood, just like a vegan diet. However, depending on the specific type of vegetarian diet, other animal products like dairy and eggs may be allowed. Therefore in this diet people prefer vegetarian protein shakes, vegetarian protein snacks etc.

3.Pescatarian Diet

It is a type of diet that is similar to being a vegetarian because it does not include any meat except for fish, shellfish, and seafood. However, it mainly focuses on plant-based foods but doesn’t include other meats, like beef, pork, or chicken. Some people following this diet eat dairy products and eggs, but not all of them.  People choose to follow a this diet for various reasons like wanting to have more protein or heart-healthy omega-3 fats, or for animal welfare, humanitarian, or environmental reasons

4. Flexitarian Diet

It is a combination of the words “flexible” and “vegetarian.” It’s a cross between full vegan and vegetarian with the ability to enjoy animal products every so often. It includes whole plant foods, getting most protein from plants instead of animals, limiting added sugar and processed foods if possible, and incorporating meat and animal products occasionally

Benefits of Plant Based Diets


To conclude switching to a mostly plant-based diet can be really good for individual health, even if someone still eat some meat. It’s all about finding the right mix of plant-based foods in your meals. To make your meals and snacks tastier, try the “Rule of Three.” This means including at least three different types of foods when planning your meals.

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