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Kerala Style Coconut King Fish Fry Delicious Treat with Kerala Spices

It can be made with King Fish or Pomfret. The aroma of the spices, fresh fish, coconut milk along with curry leaves renders a delicious flavour to the curry.-

Bring the true kinds of an ocean side day in Kerala to your dining table with hot fish dish

Every seafood lover’s weakness is this spicy king fish curry with coconut. One of the most famous East Indian recipes is the Fish Curry. The curry has a perfect red-orange tone, is hot and tart, and is delightful. You would need to enjoy this straightforward fish curry recipe for fiery kingfish (diviner or surmai).

One of the least demanding and most heavenly methods to set up a snack is a fish fry. Need some smash on a cold evening or while it’s pouring outside? Fill your want a tidbit by making this recipe for neymeen fries. Moreover, a decent wellspring of Omega-3 Unsaturated fats, Vitamin B-12, and Selenium is Neymeen or Soothsayer fish. Utilize this fish dish to integrate soothsayer fish into your eating routine.

King Fish Fry was a dish that was regularly presented with lunch dinners. Kingfish, or “Neymeen” as it is known in Malayalam. Kingfish is a tasty fish, and it tastes much better when it’s broiled. For a sound tomorrow, eating more fish than poultry items is fitting. Meat makes your body store fat. Having hot rice and kingfish curry ready in the style of Kerala for lunch is a delightful combo.

The flavor of the feast is upgraded by adding lime juice to the marinade, which gives the Lord Fish Fry Kerala Style its unmistakable and impossible to miss flavor. Lime’s to some degree acidic taste coordinates well with fish’s tissue. You might change the flavor level to suit your requirements. Cuts of fish that have been marinated will better ingest the hot masala. Rather than fish curry recipes, broiling the fish draws out its normal taste. Kids frequently favor moderate food that isn’t excessively hot. The fish fry’s flavor level can be changed assuming youngsters are near. In any case, they’ll cherish this dish no different either way.


4 pieces Kingfish

5 or 6 nos Shallots

4 or 5 nos Garlic

1 nos Ginger

3 branches Curry leaves

1 cup Ground coconut

1 tsp Fennel seed

1 tsp Cumin seed

1 tsp Pepper seed

3 nos Dry red bean stew

1 tbsp Red bean stew powder

1 or 2 tsp Salt

3 or 4 tbsp Oil


We, first and foremost, need to crush dry red bean stew, fennel seed, cumin seed, salt and pepper seed into a fine glue.

Then we add shallots, garlic, ginger and red bean stew powder into a fine glue and saved.

Then apply the masala glue to the fish pieces individually.

Presently keep the marinated fish pieces for thirty minutes, keep to the side.

Heat adequate oil in a dish, add the curry leaves and permit to splutter for a couple of moments.

Then add marinated fish pieces and broil them well.

Channel and keep to the side.

Take a bowl add ground coconut and crushed masala glue, and blend them well.

Then we utilize a similar search for gold this coconut blend.

At long last, add seared fish and blend them well. Eliminate from fire and put away.

Serve the scrumptious fish fry with feasts.

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