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Some traditional foods eaten on Lohri and this is how they can benefit you

Lohri is one of the very famous Punjabi folk festivals which celebrates the arrival of longer days after winter solstice by welcoming the

Traditional foods eaten on Lohri and their benefits

As we celebrate the festival of Lohri, the main festival of Punjabis, there is a lot of warmth around us. Upon the arrival of Lohri, individuals get a fire going before their homes. Different kinds of dishes are made to make the celebration of Lohri important and add pleasantness to it. In Lohri, many dishes like jaggery and nut chikki, corn magma (popcorn), sesame and gajak are ready, offered and appropriated among individuals. Thus, today in this article we will enlighten you regarding the medical advantages of eating the conventional dish eaten on Lohri. (Pictures graciousness: Canva)


Chikki made by blending sesame, jaggery and peanuts is eaten in enormous amounts throughout the colder time of year season. Cell reinforcements and phytophenols are found in chickpeas, which are viewed as extremely helpful for mental health. Consuming chikki assists in battling illnesses with enjoying Alzheimer’s. Chikki additionally helps in reinforcing the sensory system of the mind.

Sesame Seeds Laddoo

Sesame contains numerous supplements like copper, manganese and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, vitamin B1, selenium and fiber. This large number of supplements work to give energy to the body throughout the colder time of year season. Consuming sesame seeds, until ladoo in winter helps in fortifying bones, keeping heart illnesses under control, lessening the gamble of disease and diminishing irritation in the body.


Consuming peanuts in winter assists in keeping the body with warming from inside. Numerous supplements like iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin E and vitamin B6 are found in peanuts, which help in shielding the body from numerous sicknesses. In the exploration done on peanuts, it has been uncovered that consuming it in a specific amount helps in eliminating heart issues.


Popcorn is a popular snack made during the festival of Lohri. Many such nutrients are found in popcorn, which help in strengthening digestion, controlling cholesterol and helping in weight loss. If popcorn is consumed in the winter season, it also works to generate heat in the body.

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