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Story of how our beloved Paneer was invented back in the 16th century

According to a theory, the history of paneer can be traced back to the Persian and Afghan rulers that ruled North India in the 16th century.

All about the origin of Paneer

Paneer is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most loved food items that is relished across India. From Shahi Paneer of North and Paneer Nu Shaak of West to Paneer Er Dalna of East and Paneer Chettinad of South, Paneer is such a versatile food item that can be used to make ‘n’ number of dishes.Paneer is cherished all over by Indians, yet do you have any idea that paneer isn’t local to India. Peruse on to know the historical backdrop of Paneer and the way things were imagined, thinking back to the sixteenth 100 years.


It is said that since the Vedic society considered cow as a sacred being, they viewed as breaking and souring milk involving acids as unholy. There are a few notices of margarine, curd and ghee in our vedas, however there isn’t anything like paneer or the souring of milk. Subsequently, it is said that the idea of paneer was for sure brought to India from outside.

​16th century connect

According to a theory, the historical backdrop of paneer can be followed back to the Persian and Afghan rulers that managed North India in the sixteenth hundred years. Around then, paneer used to be arranged utilizing either goat or sheep milk.

With time paneer too went through change and the paneer we realize today was really presented in the seventeenth 100 years. The course of current paneer making is gotten from the Portuguese strategy for ‘breaking’ milk utilizing a corrosive like lemon juice.

Bengali Connect

Another theory states that the Portuguese who lived in Bengal during the seventeenth century utilized citrus extract to break the milk. They utilized this method to make their local new cheeses and shown this strategy to the Bengalis also. That is the manner by which the development of ‘Chhena’ arose and from Bengal, the idea of Paneer was taken on all through the country.


The term ‘Paneer’ comes from the word ‘Peynir’, which simply signifies ‘Cheddar’ in the Turkish and Persian dialects. The English expression paneer, which we use today, has been gotten from the Urdu and Hindi terms ‘Panīr’.

To honor the most loved dish of India, World Paneer Day is commended consistently on February 6.

How to make Paneer at home

Ingredients required

2 liters full cream milk and squeeze of 1 entire lemon.


Pour milk to a pan and keep on medium heat.
When a boil comes, change flame to low.
Presently empty lemon juice into the skillet and mix tenderly.
Try not to mix excessively, as this will forestall paneer knot development.
Switch off the intensity once the milk coagulates.
Allow it to sit briefly.
Presently strain the paneer through a muslin fabric and sifter.
Make a potli of the muslin fabric and press out overabundance water.

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