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Summer Foods For Blood Pressure Management On A High Blood Pressure Diet

Hypertension patients have to take special care of their daily meals and follow a strict high blood pressure diet to manage symptoms of the condition.

In India, one of the most prevalent diseases is high blood pressure. One third of Indians are reportedly affected by heart disease and hypertension. The National Centre For Biotechnology Information (NCBI) claims that high blood pressure is a silent killer and that it varies seasonally. It is the force of the blood pushing up on the artery walls. It frequently results in blood vessel damage, which leads to renal ailments, heart conditions, and other health issues. It is important to monitor blood pressure, especially in the summer when it tends to change more frequently. We provide you with some professional advice on controlling blood pressure with a balanced diet.

The hypertension diet ought to have food sources with high magnesium, potassium and fiber content in it. They should to be necessarily low in sodium, Here’s the pulse diet you want to follow.

Here are the summer foods for managing blood pressure


Blood pressure

All berries are stacked with heart-healthy compounds called flavonoids. The cell reinforcement rich organic product might assist lower with high blooding pressure, according to a review distributed in the Diary of the Foundation of Sustenance and Dietetics. Add blueberries, strawberries, et al to your day to day diet.

Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk Skimmed milk is plentiful in calcium and vitamin D, two of which function collectively to assist with lessening pulse normally. As per Public Wellbeing Administration, UK, drinking a glass of skimmed milk a day can cut pulse by upto a 33%. So swallow down a glass of skimmed milk everyday to receive greatest rewards.


As indicated by a review introduced at the American Heart Association (AHA), ladies who consumed at least five servings of yogurt seven days had a lower chance of growing hypertension than comparable ladies who scarcely at any point ate yogurt. So load up on chilled yogurt consistently and enjoy a healthful life.


As per a review distributed in the American Diary of Hypertension, watermelon could essentially decrease pulse in overweight people both very still and keeping in mind that under pressure. The strain on the aorta and on the heart decreased after the consumption of watermelon.


This tropical organic product is really wealthy in potassium and, surprisingly, more simple to remember for your everyday eating routine. One banana gives one percent of calcium, eight percent of magnesium and 12 percent of potassium that you really want consistently.

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